20 Years Ago: ANCIENT WISDOM release For Snow Covered the Northland

ANCIENT WISDOM was formed by Marcus Norman in 1992 as ANCIENT. Under the original name they released In the Eye of the Serpent in 1993.


Now as ANCIENT WISDOM they record the Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness at Garageland Studios in December 1993. Around this time they signed a deal with Avantgarde and remained with them for all four albums.

For Snow Covered the Northland was recorded, again at Garageland, a year later (December 94).

Due to technical errors the album was not released until this day in 1996. By that time Marcus Norman was the sole remaining member. He would begin recording the next album, The Calling, a few months after this release (Dec 96).


Marcus E. Norman – continued with Ancient Wisdom, the last release was Cometh Doom, Cometh Death in 2004. He formed BEWITCHED in 1995 and joined NAGLFAR in 2000.


Andreas Nilsson – Guitar – has been with NAGLFAR since 1993.


Fredrik Jakobsson – Bass – was also vocalist with THRONE OF AHAZ but hasn’t been active since 1996.


Ulf Andersson – Drums – last recorded with NOCTURNAL RITES in 1998.


Jens Ryden – Keyboard – was vocalist with NAGLFAR until 2005, formed Profundi in 2006 and is current vocalist with THYRFING.