Incoming: ARISE! Magazine Issue 3 (Spirituality)


The latest issue of Arise! is now in stock. We also have the last few copies of Issue 2 (all others sold out). Arise! is a new written project by A.K. (CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, Kaleidoscope zine). Each issue focuses on one distinct theme: rebellion and examines its relevance, role or indeed existence in current extreme music with articles and interviews. Spiritual, political, musical and personal rebellion. Issue 2 focused on the theme of joy, fear, hate, sorrow and love. Now issue 3 deals with the wide spectrum of Spirituality.

Distro: Arise! magazine / All zines


Features and Interviews with:

Macabre Omen, Malokarpatan, Batushka, Seremonia, Tähtiportti, Aura Shining Green, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Askeregn, The Spirit Cabinet, The Tower, Fosforos, Agalloch