21 Years Ago: MOTÖRHEAD release Sacrifice (12th Album)

A lot of nonsense in music that year. For everyone else MOTÖRHEAD delivered Sacrifice. The first and last songs are killer, quite a lot of punk especially early on..and of course heavy rock throughout!

Sacrifice was the last album with Würzel:

He only played one solo on the whole album. He was gone already before we started that album. His input was, like, very minimal. It’s a shame about Würzel; he started to believe the wrong people. ‘Cause I was his best friend in the band and offstage – I was his best friend – and he didn’t believe that; he started accusing me of stealin’ his money and shit, like I need Würzel’s money. I mean, I’ve got all that money coming from Hawkwind before him and the Motörhead before him – I didn’t need his fuckin’ money, and I wouldn’t have stolen it even if I did. That’s not like me. But there he goes – you make your choices and suffer the consequences.
– Lemmy