30 Years Ago: SAMHAIN live at the Ritz (final show) opening for Celtic Frost

SAMHAIN played at the Ritz a few months earlier, at the end of April, then returned on this day in 1986 for their last ever show!*

Glenn Danzig (vocals), Eerie Von (bass), Damien (guitar), London May (drums)

London May

SAMHAIN didn’t end immediately. After this last gig Pete (Damien) Marshall left. Auditions resulted in John Christ joining in February ’87. At the same time London May was asked to leave and was replaced by Chuck Biscuits. By March of 1987 DANZIG was officially formed and this lineup remained for the first 4 classic albums.

CELTIC FROST headlined this night. It was their last US date in 86 and a few days after the final date of their June/July American tour with VOIVOD and RUNNING WILD.
The poster advertised this gig as “An international awakening for The New Music Seminar”. The full lineup was: ROGUE MALE, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SAMHAIN, M.D.C., D.O.A. and CELTIC FROST.

* not including the brief Samhain/Danzig tour in ’99.