FAC251 T-Shirts: Factory Records, Joy Division, A Factory Sample and New Order designs

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A Factory Sample (available on Grey or White t-shirts)

An early Factory title (FAC 2) and the first musical release by the record label. Released in December 1978 as a double 7″. Each side featured one of four bands: JOY DIVISION (an early JD release, they recorded Unknown Pleasures the following April), THE DURUTTI COLUMN, JOHN DOWIE and CABARET VOLTAIRE.

fac251-a-factory-sample-grey-shirt_LRG fac251-a-factory-sample-white-shirt_LRG

New Order “Power, Corruption & Lies” / Factory Logo

I think this a new design using the Factory logo to mask the Power, Corruption & Lies cover (NEW ORDER’s second album, 1983). The cover design is a reproduction of Henri Fantin-Latour’s A Basket of Roses.


Factory Records logo

The famous Factory ‘smokestack’ silhouette.


Fac Off (available on Grey or White t-shirts)

This was originally designed by Central Station Design in 1990 and printed on blue and pink t-shirts as FAC 258.

fac251-fac-off-grey-shirt_LRG fac251-fac-off-white-shirt_LRG