31 Years Ago: Tom G. Warrior radio interview (CELTIC FROST Emperor’s Return era)

This interview with a New York radio programme happened in July 1985 shortly after their first European tour – a mini tour in May and June.

Emperor’s Return would be released in a few weeks in the US on Metal Blade. The 15 August date always given for this album is the American release, it came out earlier in Europe on Noise.

The band had already started rehearsals for the first full-length album, To Mega Therion. It was also a period of conflict between Tom Warrior and Martin Ain, which he talks about here. Martin did leave and Dominic Steiner was briefly CF bassist. Dominic was bassist on To Mega Therion, Martin returned by 1986 to record the Tragic Serenades EP and Into the Pandemonium.

They also talk about a US tour with other Noise artists – this happened the next year (June-July ’86) with RUNNING WILD and VOIVOD.

Ripped, restored & digitally remastered from my old tape, by Mahler Haze at DRANG NACH NORD studio, Belgium. March 2015.