35 Years Ago: S.O.A. (Stage of Alert) Split Up – Rollins joins BLACK FLAG, Hampton forms THE FAITH

After only 9 months, early DC hardcore band S.O.A. disbanded. Their only major release was the No Policy EP (1981), one of the earliest Dischord releases. It was ready at the same time Dischord were preparing the MINOR THREAT EP. Unable to fund it, Rollins paid to get it printed sooner. It is No. 2 in the Dischord catalogue, No. 1 was the pre-MINOR THREAT band TEEN IDLES’ Minor Disturbance 7″.

Ten songs, eight minutes. Rollins moved to California and BLACK FLAG, Michael Hampton went on to form THE FAITH – they release the legendary split with VOID in 82 and an EP Subject to Change in 83.