23 Years Ago: EMPEROR record In the Nightside Eclipse at Grieghallen – Norwegian Black Metal

From the Bård Guldvik Eithun (Faust) interview in Slayer #10:

The original recording found place the last two weeks of July ’93. But it was mixed in late November ’93, it should be mixed for hopefully the last time in March (the studio bill is starting to get really big). Anyway, there were some minor details that weren’t as they should be as well as the drums. They were a bit low in the mix and we also need more ‘click’ in the bass drums. I’m looking forward to hearing the final mix…


The exact date of the seventh full moon anno 1993 was Saturday 3 July at 23:47 GMT. Add an hour for Norway. So I think it’s safe that the nearest full moon was the eighth cycle of 1993, on 2 August at 12:11 GMT.

EMPEROR’s classic In the Nightside Eclipse was recorded at Grieghallen with legendary producer Pytten under the waxing gibbous of July 1993!

Of course they are talking about July’s moon, this was just an excuse to look up some historical info. Most of the full-moons that year occurred early in the month: 1/8, 2/6, 3/8, 4/6, 5/6, 6/4, 7/3, 8/2, 9/1 then late 9/30, 10/30, 11/29, 12/28.

Today is 19 July 2016, we are in the last two weeks of the month and at 22:57 GMT it will be exactly the seventh full moon anno 2016!

Perfect time to mark this masterpiece recording!

update: Under an Anglian full moon, midnight 19 July 2016



The album includes five new tracks, two from the mini album (‘I am black wizards’ and ‘Cosmic keys…’) and one from the demo (‘beyond the great vast forest’, which used to be called ‘My empires doom’). It is an ensouling masterpiece of symphonic and monumental black metal art recorded during the seventh fullmoon anno ’93.
The album is of course a progression from the mini album, the new tracks are more symphonic and atmospheric, but still brutal and intense. The album has a very professional and mighty sound.

In the distro: we have EMPEROR on vinyl including In the Nightside Eclipse DLP, EMPEROR CDs, various EMPEROR t-shirts and hoodies including In the Nightside Eclipse t-shirts, and other EMPEROR merch including In the Nightside Eclipse wall flags.

There are a lot of synth themes including on the album, the synths are used more as an individual instrument now. Synth is a big part of EMPEROR’s music. We also have a permanent keyboard player now (Sverd of ARCTURUS). I think the sound of evilness and melancholy can be created without synths as well, but synths also add a more orchestral and mighty sound which is very important for EMPEROR’s music.
– Samoth, Tales of the Macabre zine #1, 1993

Emperor and Pytten mixing In the Nightside Eclipse at Grieghallen Studios, winter 1994