16 Years Ago: BLASPHEMY & BLACK WITCHERY live in Vancouver Canada

The Friday the 13th Live Ritual was actually our 3rd show since the reformation. BLACK WITCHERY was up here in July 2000ce for our return, they weren’t here for the Friday the 13th assault. We did 4 shows with this line-up: July 2000ce, August 2000ce, July 2001ce and August 2001ce. The first and last shows were with BLACK WITCHERY. Sharing the stage with BLASPHEMY (my all time favorite band) is beyond words to describe…
– Ryan Förster (DeathLörd of Abomination & War Apocalypse), Necromantic zine

In the distro: BLASPHEMY patches and t-shirts, BLACK WITCHERY’s set is also available on DVD (BLASPHEMY DVDs are now sold out), and Fallen Angel of Doom is available on CD and LP