Incoming: Rare BLAZEBIRTH HALL demos and VELIMOR merchandise (Russian Black/Pagan Metal)

To mark the arrival of some new Blazebirth Hall & VELIMOR music & merchandise, here is Kaldrad (FOREST, BRANIKALD, NITBERG) performing the single Cын Одина live with VELIMOR in 2014. This song was released as a single in digital format only, listen here:

For the new tapes check New Arrivals, they will make their way into Tapes shortly. We have VELIMOR’s 2011 album Наш мир (Our World) on tape and some very limited t-shirts!

Now in stock, various rare tapes from Russian and Ukraine. Including demos and albums from BRANIKALD, FOREST, and RAVEN DARK. In addition to the Blazebirth Hall circle there are tapes by VELIMOR (the very first demo), SWASTYKA (their only release, changed name to SUNWHEEL), GOETIA (first demo, before Wolfthorn!), DUB BUK and others.

VELIMOR have just released a new digital-only single for 2016, listen below!

Novomoskovsk cults reign eternal!