10 Years Ago: HYPOTHERMIA & DIMHYMN release Sjuklig intention split on Eerie Art Records

Released by Milan’s Eerie Art Records on this day in 2006, the last DIMHYMN record. Both bands recorded their sides earlier in 2006.

HYPOTHERMIA had already released some well-received demos, this split came out a few months before the debut album Veins.
While HYPOTHERMIA remained active through the next few years, Dimhymn went quiet.

HYPOTHERMIA’s Kim and DIMHYMN’s Nattdal formed LIFELOVER about a year prior and released Pulver the day after this split!

Nattdal also formed IXXI in 2006 with members of ONDSKAPT, their debut came out in the middle of next year (June ’07).

The original label description for Sjuklig intention:

Two different faces of the same land.
Two different approaches but the same negativity.

“Sjuklig intention” include new and exclusive material from both bands, five long and agonising track for a total playing time of 40 minutes of sadness.

Limited to an undisclosed number of copies.

Dimhymn presents in “Sjuklig intention” their best material ever, a great piece of true black metal in pure actual swedish style with some emotional and unsual insert. To note the guest appareance of Wredhe (Ondskapt) on “Projektil”.

Hypothermia continues their sulphureous process into the most melancholic, depressive and monotonous black metal. A deep path in the suicidal emotions.