10 Years Ago: LIFELOVER release Pulver (Hypothermia, Dimhymn)

This was an instantly popular release when it arrived on this day in 2006. LIFELOVER, and this album in particular, influenced a wave of new bands although most lacked the sense of sardonic self-awareness and humour behind these songs of modern urban depression and introspective hate/violence fantasies.

The members disguised their names but I do not remember it being a mystery that they came from the Swedish underground (HYPOTHERMIA, DIMHYMN…)


Old wounds

LIFELOVER themselves were of course influenced by other unique Swedish bands like the mighty WOODS OF INFINITY. They share a particular “Swedish-ness”.

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The album was first released by the Australian label Goatowarex on CD. Dani announced the release only a month or so before it was released, and it was released only a few months after recording (Apr-May ’06). Northern Sky (US) put out a vinyl edition on 15 December 2006; by 4 April it was already sold out.

The original label description:

Lifelover rose from the ashes of the delusions of life – a life without promises nor dreamlike sequences. Surrealistic experiences combined with self-hatred are the only way to create true art. It doesn’t matter what appeal to you: Life will always be the same and no one will escape the Vengeance. Musically Lifelover similar to their country mates Woods of Infinity, Joyless.

A few months after the release of Pulver the band began recording Erotik in September. That would be released in February 2007. By October 2009 they had released three records on three separate labels.

LIFELOVER signed a new contract with Prophecy just as they completed work on the fifth release, Sjukdom (recorded April-September 2010).

On 4 September 2010 they announced the “long-term” (meaning multi-album) deal:

With their three full-length albums “Pulver” (2006), “Erotik” (2007), and “Konkurs” (2008), as well as the “Dekadens” EP (2009), LIFELOVER have established themselves as one of the most eccentric and notorious bands on the scene in the last few years. The Swedes’ unconventional music, their cynical image, and their chaotic live performances have had an extremely polarizing effect. After several changes of labels, LIFELOVER have now found a partner for a close, long-term collaboration: they have signed a contract with Prophecy Productions over four albums. LIFELOVER founding members B and ( ) consider the signing of the contract with Prophecy a logical step for their band: “We always strive to evolve with each effort that we pursue as a band. Signing to Prophecy feels like a good progression for us, and we look forward to work with a label for the first time with consecutive releases.” A new album by LIFELOVER is scheduled for release in 2011.

Just over a year after that announcement B (Nattdal / Jonas Bergqvist) was found dead by friends in Kiel. One half of the original band was gone and LIFELOVER were officially laid to rest.


Nattdal / Kim

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