23 Years Ago: VOIVOD release The Outer Limits

“Jack Luminous.” the band explains, was inspired by a folk tale, which Voivod took to sci-fi proportions. The character of Jack, Away remarks, “comes from an Irish legend about a phosphorescent guy hidden in a swamp. They called him Jack Luminous because they could see him at night. Now they’re beginning to realize that it could have been an extraterrestrial that had crashed in the swamp.”

“Back then it was just folk tales,” vocalist Snake explains. They were hiding real stuff in those tales, but they couldn’t say it because they were scared of being crazy.” The band took this glowing figure and created a narrative around him based on computer technology and theory. “People who are working with computers, what they do is, they try to achieve the real thing,” guitarist Piggy relates, his ideas at times exceeding his grasp of the English language. “Say, for example, an actor-they’re going to make someone real on the screen, but this person will not exist. He exists in the software. They can invent people.”

“We had a bunch of stories, and we had a 17 minute long song,” Away relates. “We kind of elaborated on the scenario with all those characters, but I was already seeing Jack Luminous as some kind of messiah who was not accepted.” “So he’s sort of a Jesus Christ-” Snake interjects. “From outer space!” Away finishes with a laugh. The silver Christ from Mars!”
Rip Magazine July 1993

Released on this day in 1993. The beginning of some lineup changes: Blacky had left after the previous album Angel Rat (Pierre St. Jean is session bassist here) and Snake left after this album. Both returned years later. After The Outer Limits Eric Forrest joined the band and remained as bassist/vocalist for several albums.

You can read about Piggy’s guitar setup at this time here: Guitar Magazine, December 1993.