Sex, Cyber & Rock n Roll Tour 95: Sadistik Exekution, Impaled Nazarene, Absu (European Tour Rare T-Shirts Available)

Osmose organised this European tour for April of 1995. Most of the dates were in Germany, one in France / Belgium / Netherlands and two in Italy. 19 April – 1 May 1995.

Below are live video from all three bands, an interview video, and some zine interviews about the tour and about Dave Slave destroying the bus!

SADISTIK EXEKUTION released We Are Death… Fukk You! in 1994, IMPALED NAZARENE released Suomi Finland Perkele in October ’94 and ABSU had just released The Sun of Tiphareth in March.

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SADISTIK EXEKUTION interview and live footage in Berlin 24 April 1995:

We toured with them and audience didn’t seem to understand their music. Incredibly talented musicians and our fucking brothers.
– Mika (Impaled Nazarene) IMHOTEP zine #1

Nobody is more crazy than Sadistik Exekution. Everyone else are wimps. I spoke with Rok a couple of years ago, had a little chat online. I like him, he is a great guy to drink with. One morning (on that tour), a couple of ImpNaz and Absu guys we were drinking morning beers at bus lounge and Rok wakes up, comes to us with an empty half liter plastic cup. He the pisses it full, drinks it all at one take, smiles to us and says good morning. Us and Absu guys just sat silently and looked at each other like “what the fuck did we just witness” hahaha. They were so fucking entertaining bunch of retards. One fan in Paris comes with a tour poster to Rok, “can you please sign this?”. Rok fucking tears the poster to pieces and eats it! The whole fucking poster. That fan ran away with total horror. Sadistik Exekution is in fact the only band ever that people have been afraid of when they started playing. Every night the front row backed off a couple of meters. I am lucky I got to tour with them.
– ImpNaz interview in Headsplit zine #7

IMPALED NAZARENE live in Germany 28 April 1995:


Hell of a trip that one, he says with fond reminiscence, chaos from start to finish. It was my first gig outside of Scandinavia. I had an old Volvo that we were supposed to take on the ferry from Gothenburg, we got hold of some worn out summer tyres and took off through the hail and snow. One hour before the ferry was scheduled to leave, the car broke down so we had it towed to a workshop and then got a lift to the ferry.
– Kolgrim (UNPURE), Bardo Methodology

ABSU live various locations in the tour. Also includes some footage of SADEX and IMPNAZ arriving and on the tour bus:

When Sadistik Exekution toured Europe it was a big new step for the band and I was concerned that it may not be beneficial as Sad X never actual toured, we would do one totally extreme show then we would have to recover as we would put everything into these performances like it was death or glory. I suggested to Herve(Osmose) that it might be better if Rok and Slave journeyed over there to do some promotional work first. The Australian audiences had seen Rok on TV and in magazines well before the first shows however even then it took them awhile to understand how to deal with Sadistik live. Once they got it the shows really started to go insane, although the very first show was extremely chaotic. When we toured we did not have complete control which was new to us and I think that Europe has yet to see Sadistik Exekution to its full potential. The fight on the bus was a complete disaster as I broke my left hand during this, I had shattered the bone that joins the little finger. I was very bad, Mika from Impaled Nazarene gave me these pain killers that were very powerful but they were serpositories! I had to play more shows with this thing but I decided to enjoy the pain and finish the tour. I didn’t get to a hospital until 2 weeks later back in Oz. One hospital said it was too hard to fix and that nothing could be done so I searched to find a surgeon to fix this. I had no money after the tour and I was very ill and in total agony now as the alcohol and painkillers had worn off. I had to wait a whole day outside a hospital and I was unconscious by the time they saw me, I had holes all over me from the safety pins and looked a fucking mess. Anyway they fixed it but I could not use it for one year and then 6 months rehabilitation. It is ok now and I can play even faster than before.

Dave Slave is very mental and that is the truth. He had been given alcohol and that is not good for him and some person threw one of the stickers he was handing out on the ground. That made him angry and he got worse as the night went. By the time he got on the bus he was really starting to shit every one and eventually a fight started and we couldn’t stop him so he really made a mess of everything. The guitarist from Absu slipped him a sleeping pill but it didn’t seem to work and he was really losing it, you have to see him do this in person to really get the effect as it looks so demented and frightening but also very comical at the same time. The only alternative was to kill him by bashing him to death. This was an easy decision for me. So Rok and I were set to this task which too about 15 minutes of furious bashing and in this I broke my hand, otherwise I would have finished the job. Things started to calm down after that. The next day Slave could not remember anything and thought I was lying when I told him what he did. He was telling everyone that he loved them and he is a nice and peaceful person which really disturbed the other people. He really is mental and probably would have been better I he had of been killed. If the band was normal and wanted to pursue a usual career in touring with a metal band it would have but because Sadistik Exekution is not normal then things like that do not really affect the band. If it want that it would be something else. Things are very different now but I think that is because we don’t expect to be like other bands and I don’t think Osmose does either.
– Rev. Kriss Hades, Tartarean Desire webzine September 2003

Some more SADISTIK EXEKUTION videos from Rome 30 April 1995: