28 Years Ago: REENCARNACIÓN record Acompáñame a la tumba (Colombian Black Metal)

Recorded a few months after their first full-length, known either as Reencarnación or 888 Metal, REENCARNACIÓN recorded the EP Acompáñame a la tumba on this day in 1988… 8/8/88.

This EP has been re-released on vinyl and included on some reissues of the debut LP. We’ve sold out of those, but do have the latest edition of 888 Metal (the debut with track-listing that matches the 1988 original) imported from Colombia.

REENCARNACIÓN are given some credit along with PARABELLUM for influencing, or at least being appreciated by, some of the early Norwegian black metal underground (Euronymous for one) and many in Colombia (INQUISITION has listed them as influence for example). As an indication of shared influences and rawness maybe you’ll also hear some Deathcrush in 888 Metal?