25 Years Ago: IMPETIGO record their second album Horror of the Zombies

During this month in 1991 IMPETIGO were recording their killer second LP Horror of the Zombies at Pogo Studio, Champaign.

The album was produced by Mark Rubel who opened Pogo in 1980. IMPETIGO recorded at Pogo a few times, including the Faceless EP (1991). The studio has since relocated to Nashville, re-opening in 2016.

Yes the second LP called “Horror of the Zombies” will be out by June 5th! The delay is for no real reason, the payment to the studio was a little late and it held things up some, also it took longer to put the cover and layout together than I thought, but it will finally be out soon! It was done in a killer 24 track studio so the sound is great, it has 10 songs which are: “Boneyard”, “Cannibal Lust”, “I Work For The Streetcleanr”, “Staphterrorist”, “Mortuaria”, “Cannibal Ballet”, “Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue”, “Defiling the Grave”, “Wizard of Gore” and “Trap Them and Kill Them”. The cover is a painting by our sick friend Cannibal Jim of some zombies emerging from the Fog to attack – it’s very eerie and colorful!! I can’t wait to have this LP out!
– Mark, Vital Wound zine #2 1992