30 Years Ago: SACRILEGE record a demo at Rich Bitch Studios

SACRILEGE entered legendary Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham on this day in 1986.

All of the tracks that had been demo versions were written for the album, we used to write songs and record them quite quickly to see how they sounded, we also had played a few live shows and the fans liked the new material so for us it was always going to be the songs from the demos on the LP.

The mini LP Behind the Realms of Madness was recorded at Rich Bitch a year prior and released by Children of the Revolution. It was a one album deal so during early-mid 1986 they began writing and demoing material for a debut album. The album would be Within the Prophecy, released in January 1987 by Under One Flag / Music For Nations. All but one song from this demo made it to the LP.

The deal with COR was only ever for one LP, we used to rehearse and record demos at Rich Bitch Studios in Birmingham and were quite friendly with the owners of the studio Rob and Linda Bruce who had expressed their concern about us signing to FM Revolver Records and offered once we were released for the FM contract to record the next LP (“Within The Prophecy”) and they would shop around for a record label to release it, so we took them up on their very kind offer and recorded “Within The Prophecy” at Rich Bitch Studios.
– Andy Baker, Voices from the Darkside