20 Years Ago: AZAZEL release The Night of Satanachia (Finnish Black Metal)

Ave! Yeah you have heard right. We have MCD deal with Miscarriage records from Italy. We get this deal follow Riccardo Figiaconi write to Teemu (Darkwoods My Betrothed) and ask him would they do cd to Miscarriage, but Teemu told him, that they have record deal with Hammerheart prod. Then he write to me and ask to record deal. I agree the deal. I hope our Mcd is out at November. Mcd are recorded in June ’95 and mixed August ’95.

Miscarriage Records released The Night of Satanachia on this day in 1996. Miscarriage was an Italian label run by Luigi Coppo and released about nine titles between 1993 and 1996.

In the distro: we still have the debut album Jesus Perversions in stock and the split with GOATMOON

Session members on this EP were Sarakmyal (bass) and Adramelech (guitar), both went off to form a new band after this EP: