23 Years Ago: ABIGAIL finish recording Descending from a Blackend Sky EP (Tokyo Black Metal)

On this day in 1993 Yasuyuki Suzuki (sometimes known as Barbatos, before he formed the band) finished recording Descending from a Blackend Sky at Studio Sozo. It was released by Heretic Supremacist Brotherhood Records, run by The Unsane (BESTIAL SUMMONING).
The original 7″ was limited to 1000 but you can find the complete EP on the compilation The Lord of Satan (also includes their side of the FUNERAL WINDS split and Confound Eternal EP).

In the distro we have several ABIGAIL albums in stock, including Forever Street Metal Bitch, Sweet Baby Metal Slut, Welcome All Hell Fuckers and The Lord of Satan which includes the Descending from a Blackend Sky EP! We also have the Speed Metal Motherfuckers Vorkuta split tape.

Musically this is not Forever Street Metal Bitch or Sweet Baby Metal Slut ABIGAIL. The influence from punk and speed metal had not yet taken hold. It’s closer to the debut Intercourse & Lust, but even there there are hints. This is pure raw black metal of the early “second wave”, something they’ve moved away from but continue to write killer music… black metal, street metal… Yasuyuki Suzuki and ABIGAIL continue to kill!