34 Years Ago: VENOM release Bloodlust b/w In Nomine Satanas (If God Won’t Have You, The Devil Must)

Dark and dangerous!!! Following Welcome to Hell, released December 1981, VENOM released the Bloodlust c/w In Nomine Satanas 7″ on this day in 1982. The two-song single was recorded at Impulse Studios in Newcastle.

This 7″ is included as bonus tracks on later reissues of Welcome to Hell – we have this and many other VENOM albums on vinyl and CD and several patches!


In September Neat organised a video shoot to promote the band. They performed Bloodlust (see above) and Witching Hour. The promotional video tape “Live E.P.” (well not really) was sent out late 82/early 83, by then the second VENOM LP was already out… Black Metal

Note: 24 August is given as the release date by some sources, others as 13 August.