22 Years Ago: UNHOLY release The Second Ring of Power (And what about those Shapes…)

First of all, there are different kind of shamans: some of them can SEE (like I do), some of them can change their shape, some of them can fly, some can heal etc. I can’t change my shape, but I really can see&hear Allies when they arrive. At first it will scare you to death when you meet an Ally, but later you will accept their appearance as “natural” as this text you’re reading now. Some day there is a possibility that you can make an Ally as your helper…It is pretty useless to describe true sorcery with words. You have to experience it yourself so you understand that world is really something else as you see it in normal consciousness.

After leaving Lethal Records, UNHOLY released their second album on Avantgarde on this day in 1994. We have the latest reissue (Second Ring of Power CD/DVD set) in stock.


Well anyway AVANTGARDE MUSIC is ready to give huge budget for our next album, so we can spend a whole month in a studio. The recordings of our next album will start at 1 March and the album should be out in about 3 months.

Our new composition have more feeling and also our lyrics are very serious & not so much fictional like in “FROM THE SHADOWS”.

– Jarkko, Pagan Kalewala zine #1, 1994