Incoming: New INSTINCT compilation 2005-2016 (It’s no fun to do it twice)

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An Auroral Gathering of Skulls contains:

Blackmore Isolationist – the complete EP first released in January this year on cassette. This EP includes a unique cover of BLITZ’s I Don’t Need You (from their killer debut Voice of a Generation, available on vinyl from the distro!) INSTINCT manage to twist it into a much darker song!


An exclusive song recorded April 2016. Instrumental, raw, d-beat!

Nocturnal Invocation, taken from the debut album Albion. Originally released by Canadian label Suffering Jesus in 2006


INSTINCT’s side from two split 7″s – Chamber Dark (2011) and Further into the Arms of Nature (2013)

The Cold Return from the 2009 demo of the same name

The compilation ends with the first INSTINCT recording. Made in July 2005, Calls From Blood was originally included on Demo Two (2007)

Includes 8 page matte finish booklet.