Record of the Week: Sadistik Exekution – The Magus (New Vinyl Reissue in Stock)

Total death and mayhem: SADISTIK EXEKUTION with original SLAUGHTER LORD guitarist Sandy Vahdanni. Cult record!!
SLAUGHTER LORD pedigree means quality complex riffs. They shred over Dave Slave’s bass madness and Sloth’s frantic drumming, all with the intensity of early BATHORY. Not to leave out Rok’s vomits and killer artwork! The whole sound and atmosphere is comparable to Brazil at the time – earliest SEPULTURA and the Cogumelo roster, especially SARCÓFAGO who recorded I.N.R.I. only a few months before this.
SADISTIK EXEKUTION’s most praised album was recorded years before it had a proper release, but the underground has never needed more than tapes and stamps. Their demos reached Scandinavia around the Deathcrush era where they were championed by Metalion (Slayer mag).
Sandy Vahdanni had left by the time this album came out on Vampire in 1991, Kriss Hades became the new guitarist and SAD EX released another four great albums until calling it a day in 2004.