28 Years Ago: PROTECTOR complete recording their debut LP Golem (German Thrash)

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard Protector??

MICHAEL: Bestial invasion!
HANSI: Brutal & aggressive!
MARTIN: Fast, thrashy, murderous & neck-breaking!

– Phoenix Militia zine #3 1986

Golem was recorded at Phoenix Studio in Bochum, Germany. The next album Urm the Mad and the 1990 EP Leviathan’s Desire were also recorded at Phoenix.

In 1986 Phoenix was used for KREATOR’s Flag of Hate and HOLY MOSES’ Queen of Siam. HOLY MOSES released that debut LP on Aaarrg Records and the label continued using Phoenix for several of their bands in the mid-late eighties – MEKONG DELTA, RAVENOUS, TARGET.