JFN / Jarl Flagg-Nidhögg / Hendrik Möbus interview excerpt (ABSURD)


After my final release from jail, I was dismayed at the progressive decline of Black Metal from the uncompromising counterculture it was in the early 1990’s to the subcultural entertainment it has – not entirely but in large parts! – become ever since. In particular the young generation of bands and fans that came to Black Metal not sooner but in the new millennium, they are like the antithesis of everything Black Metal set out to be, and stood for, when I was a teenager myself. Back in the days, Black Metal was detached from the Metal genre in all but name. Yes, of course, many of those who became disciples of Black Metal have started as fans of Metal in general, but Black Metal was indeed a cult that forbids worship at any other altar. As soon as you shed the sheep’s clothing and became a wolf, you looked back at the Metal scene in spite and hatred. This disdain was equally echoed from the other side. It was out of the question that, say, you’d have a festival where a Black Metal band would share the stage with bands from another genre. Alas, this attitude has profoundly changed. Now, Black Metal has become just one of many sub-genres of Heavy Metal and it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone to listen to Black Metal among others. That has led to the proliferation of political correctness in Black Metal too, because this new generation of fans – and bands alike – is thriving on entertainment only. They enjoy the “occult atmosphere” and “wicked show” live on stage, but they don’t crave to actually torch a church or strangle someone to death like it was for the Black Metal of old, when the borderline between “fantasy” and “reality” was blurry, and bands and fans alike attempted to tear the fabric of reality apart so their sinister fantasies could materialize in our world. Now Black Metal of our day and age might still wish to shock, even to offend, but hurt nobody for real. It’s alright to hate mankind but wrong to hate any particular group of men, for instance. It’s tolerable to blaspheme Jesus Christ but if you’d do the same to the Prophet Muhammad, you are a racist. In a nutshell, Black Metal became castrated and domesticated. Black Metal won’t hurt anyone. No one needs to suffer for Black Metal, either. It’s self-evident that Black Metal, to a considerable degree, has become a parody – nay, a travesty – of what it once was. With that in mind, I am like a living fossil that even though it belongs to Black Metal ought to be extinct already.

Interview excerpt from The Sinister Flame, Issue V: Aristocracy of Wolves (Summer 2016 e.v.)
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To the beautiful sound of cracking skulls, The Sinister Flame proudly presents its fifth issue, further exploring the abyss with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, NASTROND, HIEROPHANT’S DESCENT, Temple of Them, XANTOTOL and Jarl Flagg Nidhogg of Darker Than Black. Aside from interviews, the issue also includes review sections and a special article by Northern Heritage that focuses on the connection of nature and Black Metal. DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, SATANIC WARMASTER, MUSTA KAPPELI, PHLEGEIN and VORDR all discuss the relevance of natural surrounding to themselves and their artistic work.