MARE interview excerpt (Norwegian Black Metal)


I certainly believe that Black Metal still has the power to change people’s lives, but not the seeking teenagers as in the 90’s. BM does not have the shocking wind of burning churches and pissing on Mary statues anymore. It takes a far more intelligent man to understand real Black Metal nowadays. One has to know how to navigate through the teeming masses of BM clowns and pseudo-intellectual bands and grasp for the right star.

Interview excerpt from The Sinister Flame, Issue V: Aristocracy of Wolves (Summer 2016 e.v.)
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To the beautiful sound of cracking skulls, The Sinister Flame proudly presents its fifth issue, further exploring the abyss with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, NASTROND, HIEROPHANT’S DESCENT, Temple of Them, XANTOTOL and Jarl Flagg Nidhogg of Darker Than Black. Aside from interviews, the issue also includes review sections and a special article by Northern Heritage that focuses on the connection of nature and Black Metal. DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, SATANIC WARMASTER, MUSTA KAPPELI, PHLEGEIN and VORDR all discuss the relevance of natural surrounding to themselves and their artistic work.