Record of the Week: TORMENTOR – Anno Domini (Hideous music of the dark!)


The impact of hearing this for the first time cannot be overstated. Years pass, but every time you will be POSSESSED!!!! One of the absolute greatest black metal albums. Dark and mysterious and EVIL. I think it’s fair to draw a line of direct influence from BATHORY and BULLDOZER(!) to TORMENTOR to MAYHEM, EMPEROR and the Norwegian circle.

Released by the band as a demo, Anno Domini was always intended to be their debut album:

Yes, last year we fixed a stuff that named ‘Anno Domini’. It was planned to be out all over Hungary but last just remained as our second demo.
– János Zsobrák (the band’s manager who would often answer interviews and mailed demos), Pure Fucking Hell zine #2, 1994

The Anno Domini LP was originally going to be released by Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence Productions around 1991 but it never happened:

It’s very strange with D.S.P. because Euronymous wants this lp for a very long time, and nothing is happening. I know he has problems (MAYHEM lp, starting the shop in OSLO etc.) but think about this that this lp is very important to us. Now we have another label interested, but they didn’t give us a sure answer yet.
– Slayer mag #9, 1991

The band had trouble in 1990 and eventually split in 1991. It took a few more years but Anno Domini was eventually released a couple of times in 1995 by Head Not Found and Samoth’s Nocturnal Art Productions, with cover art by Supernal’s Alex K.
Most of the band have not continued with music. Attila Csihar stayed in contact with Euronymous and after Dead’s suicide (the same year TORMENTOR split) Attila joined MAYHEM as vocalist for De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

Beyond essential, the riffs will be burnt into your brain on first play!