22 Years Ago: INFERNUM complete the cult …Taur-nu-Fuin… album (Polish Black Metal)

The light of fullmoon gave a new self-coming… A sigh of the night… Like a raging storm materialized the breath of the dark… Like a border of time found the coldness of a deep darkness…

In November 1992 Anextiomarus (Grzegorz Jurgielewicz, also known as Karcharoth) formed INFERNUM. After two raw demos – The Dawn Will Never Come (1993) and Damned Majesty (1993, with Rob Darken on keys as Icaunis) – INFERNUM prepared their cult masterpiece…

…Taur-nu-Fuin… was recorded between 8 and 10 September 1994 at Isengard Studio in Wrocław (GRAVELAND, FULLMOON, VELES).

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Along with early GRAVELAND and VELES, this album optimises the dark mystery and evil atmosphere of Polish black pagan metal in the early nineties. Eternal classic.

…Taur-nu-Fuin… was first released by Polish label Astral Wings, who released early titles by NORTH, PERUNWIT, ARKONA and others.

To North there lay the Land of Dread
whence only evil pathways led
o’er hills of shadow bleak and cold
or Taur-na-Fuin’s haunted hold
where Deadly Nightshade lurked and lay
and never came or moon or day.
– J. R. R. Tolkien, Lay of Leithian: Canto I