29 Years Ago: SINDROME complete Into the Halls of Extermination debut demo

Illinois thrash / death metal formed by ex members of DEVASTATION, MASTER and SOLEMN.
SINDROME finished recording and completed mastering of their debut demo on this day in 1987.

We did it with some unknown local engineer who did work on a great Punk band called OUT OF ORDER and we liked that record alot so we knew he could record hard music. As for the amount I don’t remember how much was spent but we did all throw in the money for the “Halls” demo to be manufactured and recorded.

Well it is a cool demo for the time although to this day and it was a good overall sound of the band. The songs were strong enough to live on their own and most thought it sounded album quality back in that era. I like ‘Rapture In Blood’ the most to this day of the five songs.
Shaun Glass, Voices from the Darkside

John Piotrowski was the singer for Terminal Death which was the band Shaun Glass was in before we formed Sindrome. We are still good friends to this day. Sindrome formed between Shaun, Chris Mittlebrun (formerly of Death Strike / Master) and I all were not happy with our former bands (Terminal Death, Master, Devastation) and wanted to put something together that we thought would take our musical careers to the next level. Shaun was friends with Tony Ochoa (our drummer) from the local scene and the four of us got together and wrote the songs you hear on “Into the Halls of Extermination” in late 1986-1987.
– Troy Dixler, Old School Metal Maniac (2016)