22 Years Ago: SATYRICON release The Shadowthrone (The struggle against God and Christ has started)

Because our music is elite and we (as other elite bands) use our resources the way we were meant to. Hail all elite bands, you know who you are! We are also warriors of the true forest horde. Sons of Nothern nature, climb up on your mountainside and die.

SATYRICON released their second album on this day in 1994. Recorded at Waterfall Studios, The Shadowthrone was the third release by Satyr’s Moonfog Productions. Flyers at the time of the CD release promoted an LP/Picture Disc edition available in December/January.

Moonfog was originally started by Satyr in 1993 as a small distro. In 1994, for the release of Dark Medieval Times, the Moonfog label was setup as a sub-label of Tormod Opedal’s Tatra Records who ran the label business and distribution.

Actually Moonfog started up around January/February ’93. Back then only as a distribution firm only, selling t-shirts and demo’s. I wasn’t that serious back then, it was more for the sake of trying it. In November ’93 I decided to continue but this time very professional and serious. In January ’94 I got contact with the boss of Tatra Records, and he was interested in SATYRICON. I gave him the advance for our album “Dark Medieval Times” and he was blasted away by our music. That lead us to a deal with Tatra. I told him about my Moonfog thing, and we decided to co-operate with Moonfog as a sub label of Tatra. Moonfog Productions is a record company with mail order service as well. We sell mostly the releases of Moonfog/Tatra and DSP but also releases from almost every big Metal label.
– Satyr, Slayer zine #10 1994


Original flyers promoted the albums as:

“The second masterpiece from the warriors of the northern throne.
Majestic black metal in their very own progressive style.
The coldgrim atmosphere is like a hammer in the face of god.

Kampen Mot Gud Og Hvite Krist Er I Gang”

…I compose our symphonies and the concept and lyrics. But what would I do without a drummer like Frost? His attitude fits me and therefor I chose him. SATYRICON is kinda like my band but Frost has become an important part as he has been with me for one and a half year now. Samoth is busy with EMPEROR. But we have very good contact and actually he practises as often with SATYRICON as EMPEOER. So I would also like to think of him as an important part of our brotherhood.
– Satyr, Slayer zine #10 1994