27 Years Ago: XENTRIX release Shattered Existence (UK Thrash Metal)

Preston thrashers XENTRIX released their excellent debut LP on this day in 1989 on Roadracer Records.

If you look at bands like Forbidden, Testament and Metallica which were and still are big bands, and everybody goes on about the British thrash scene but we were never really part of that scene. We were part of the global thrash scene along with Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Anthrax and all that kind of stuff but we were a few years behind them and kind of missed the boat. We still saw ourselves as part of that, but they were ahead of us.
The other thing is that you could say that we just weren’t good enough to make it but I’ve always thought that if you’re an American band you put your first album out and then you tour America for nine months, then you come to Europe before going to Japan and Australia and you’re on tour for, like, a year and a half – on the back of your first album! If you’re a British band, you might get a couple of dates in Germany and that’s your lot! There’s no way you’re going to the States – especially not twenty five years ago. It just isn’t going to happen. We were never going to have the opportunity to get the kind of exposure all the other bands had. We felt there was no way of winning in that situation.
When we asked why it was like that we were told that when you’re an American band you have a large local footprint if you like, so if you’re signed to Roadrunner America you’re going to sell enough records to fund your trip round the world. If you’re signed to Roadrunner UK, you can’t sell enough records to pay for a trip to London and back (laughs) and that was a kind of a mis-match between us and those bands – the opportunities that we had. We still had some pretty good opportunities, though (laughs). Playing places like Hammersmith with bands like Testament and Sepultura – great times.
– Chris Astley, Metal Talk (2014)