Salute worship week: 2010 Nocturnal Cult interview


We’ve kinda always done both. If we ever demo songs, and they’re good enough, we usually keep them and then maybe record the rest of the album in a big chunk, if we have a load of songs ready to go. Then it’s just a matter of mixing it all together. This is what we did with The Underground. Above The Law was all one big psycho week of recording with a tonne of beer, which was great but pretty tiring!! But yeah, the new one is being recorded as we go. I’m more confident with the gear now to just record in small doses and to not worry about microphone placements and all that stuff. Although my goal is to eventually have an old reel to reel analogue studio set up. Need the cash though you see.

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In the distro we have both albums, Above the Law and The Underground, in stock and the two vinyl splits with Occvlta and Tangorodrim.