Salute worship week: 2009 Interview with Grind the World


Motor grind! Heavier for sure!!! The work ethic is – know you music, keep buying music, and write riffs that are horrid/sharp/nasty. We’ll never change or stop. SALUTE is an old Tanker!. Kaptain and I both write songs. I write alot separately and he brings shit to the table for us to jam out together with myself on the beaters. In the futue we will be writing songs in our room as a full band along with our drummer Jimmy Axe. Hes a rusher/shredder on the kit…sounds very punkish to me. Aggressive. Hes been laying down stuff for a while now. JUST YOU WAIT! GAS TANKS!

Full interview

In the distro we have both albums, Above the Law and The Underground, in stock and the two vinyl splits with Occvlta and Tangorodrim.