27 Years Ago: ENTOMBED finish recording their first demo But Life Goes On

But Life Goes On was recorded very shortly after Nihilist had split up. Alex was busy with his studies at that time, so everything was made by me, Uffe and L.G. Uffe and I played all the guitars and bass.

Recorded over two days, 23-24 September, the newly named ENTOMBED completed their first demo on this day in 1989 at Sunlight Studio.

The reason we went back to Sunlight was that we heard the Treblinka 7″ recorded there, and it sounded great to our ears. So we gave Skogsberg a second chance.

Something had obviously happened with Skogsberg and Studio Sunlight because everything sounded so much better on this recording. I guess he had started to realize what death metal was all about, and we got along well.

– Nicke Andersson, Swedish Death Metal by Daniel Ekeroth