32 Years Ago: BATHORY release the legendary self titled debut LP on Black Mark (TONIGHT WE BLASPHEMY)

Released on this day in 1984 and influencing almost everything that followed!

I don’t know exactly how much it has sold. I believe it has sold very good, much better than we thought it would do. All I know is that in Sweden it has sold about 5,000 and in West Germany I believe it has sold about 7,000 in USA and other countries I think it has sold some thousands.
– Bathory interview, Blackthorn zine #2 1985

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I sing about the occult business and Satan because it all fascinates me. I don’t sing about it because I think it’s cool and just to jump on the Black Metal band wagon as you express it.
If I was into science fiction then I’d sing about that right?
I really feel sorry for those bands who use the occult business to benefit themselves about having mags writing about ’em and all that. This isn’t really just an image. I dress almost the same off BATHORY as what I look on the pix.
– Bathory interview, Blackthorn zine #2 1985

I just close my eyes and picture a scene. I write down every detail what I see and what I feel, what happens and so on. Then I sit down and try to compress most of the important parts into a story (I never want to write lyrics that don’t mean anything) I have it rhyme and check out if it is anything like the other stuff I have done so far. I mostly write the music first, then I come up with about 20titles and build the stories from the title. I sort out the good parts and rearrange the not so good parts and then I try to compress it all it is very simple really.
– Bathory interview, The Book of Armageddon zine #1 1986