20 Years Ago: MY DYING BRIDE release Like Gods of the Sun

…that’s actually possibly the only album we planned, because normally we just write stuff and we put it on record; we don’t really know what the sound, what the finished product is going to be like. For Like Gods of the Sun, we knew that so many bands were leaving the guitars very low, you almost couldn’t hear any guitars at all, in some supposedly heavy metal people’s records, it was just keyboards, bass and vocals, and we thought it was wrong – why did they bother getting a guitar player if you can’t hear him? So we made a decision to make sure Like Gods of the Sun was a very heavy album, so we had to have low and ultra-heavy guitar chords, down-tuned, and we mixed it so the guitars would be right in your face. We purposely made that album less experimental in favor of pure heaviness.
– Aaron Stainthorpe / My Dying Bride interview, Chronicles of Chaos (1998)

MY DYING BRIDE released Like Gods of the Sun, their fourth album, on this day in 1996.