40 Years Ago: SCORPIONS release Virgin Killer (A-bombs in your dreams, look out!)

In the past, I was most proud of Virgin Killer. During the Virgin Killer record, I has so much to do with the production and the songwriting of the album. My least favorite would have been Taken By Force since I had virtually left the band in my head and was not giving my everything. Today, I recognize the albums for what they are. Do remember, I had only 3 songs on that record where I had written half of Virgin Killer. I will say Taken By Force‘had some of my best stuff but is not a total guitar record like In Trance and Virgin Killer. It still has “Sails Of Charon” and “We’ll Burn The Sky” (written by Rudolf Schenker and Monika Dannemann) and many other strong pieces.
– Uli Roth

Released on this day in 1976 through RCA Victor. A rock / metal classic and their best along with In Trance.

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