Interview: PAYMON (Italian Black Metal)

In 2014 PAYMON returned from a twelve year slumber, and in August this year delivered Beyond Darkness I Fall.

Nine tracks of unholy black metal from northern Italy, listen to a sample below:

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Interview with Lord Skarn, 9 October 2016

Between the demos and your first album in 2014 there have been years of silence. But you were only hidden and have posted a 2008 unreleased track. What was happening during those 12 years and why did you decide to return recently?

First of all, thanks for your interest in PAYMON. Now I try to explain you what happened in this years. PAYMON was born when I was a young boy in late 1995, my only thought was record some songs for my own pleasure and for give my music to listen to my friends.
Then, between 2004 and 2012, I was busy with other bands and with work. In 2013 Schattenkult Produktionen contacted me proposing a full lenght that became “Regno Occulto”. I want to clarify, PAYMON was never on hold, but I continued to create music (unreleased).

The new album is out only two years after Regno occulto. Do you feel a renewed energy to record and release?

Yes, shortly after “Regno Occulto” release I had a lot of ideas in my head , so I asked to my label if was available to work together again.

How important is it to have a supporting label?

It was very important, without Schattenkult I don’t believe that these two album would be released. For me is basic that my music like to my label as much as I like it.

Are you already preparing new material?

No, I release only a new song for an Italian compilation. Now I’m the singer of another band named ENTIRETY and we have just finished to record an album, so my energy and time were dedicated to this project. In future I will sure record new material for PAYMON.

How have the lyrics/themes of PAYMON changed (if they have!) since the demo times? Have you changed as a musician?

Well, I play Black metal, my lyrical theme was and will be always coherent with the philosophy of this genre, not about cars, girls and fashion… Musically I’m influenced by the same bands that I heard when I was younger, in fact I think “Beyond Darkness I Fall” is an old style album. Technically I only learned to play more instruments (obviously being PAYMON a one-man-band).

Looking at the old demo there are two figures, but has PAYMON musically always been only yourself, Lord Skarn?

Yes, PAYMON is always only myself! The cover art that you probably refer to, was only a picture taken during a nocturnal rite.


You pay tribute to BONE AWL and THORNIUM with covers on this album. Are there special reasons for these?

About THORNIUM, their song has a particular meaning for me and I wanted to include it in my album as cover. Instead about BONE AWL, I think that their song is so raw and genuine, right for PAYMON.

BONE AWL is an example of a band that formed in the period between your early demos and new recordings. What other bands during this time (approx. 2000-2010) have influenced or impressed you?

I was alway influenced by Norwegian Black metal (as it can be heard) but I listen to a lot of black metal bands, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM, BEHERIT, THORNIUM, MORTUARY DRAPE, MARDUK, etc… I like also other genres as Death metal and ambient music.

Final words are yours!

I hope who will listen to “Beyond Darkness I Fall” feel some emotions, this is my goal. PAYMON is an underground band and I haven’t particular ambitions, only to create feelings in listeners.
I want to thanks Schattenkult Produktionen for believing in me and surely you for the time you give me.
Beware “Dove c’è molta luce, l’ombra è più nera”! Worship Darkness!