23 Years Ago: CARCASS release Heartwork (Seething work, seering words)

I would like to think that this album is a lot more focused. I think the extremities are definitely still there, and we never really considered heavily into the extremities anyway. Yeah, of course what we’ve been doing has been kind of against the grain of traditional rock music, but it’s not for extremities sake. All we’ve done is fuse the extreme with a more traditional feel. At the end of the day, we’re still going against the grain. On this album, I think we’ve gone out of our way to be more accessible, but without compromising the parts that make Carcass unique. We still have the blast bits, as we call them, the really fast bits. Just because it’s not 100% like that all of the time, it doesn’t mean we’ve wimped out, sold out or got old. It’s more mature and we’re more comfortable doing it this way. If you have a record that is just extreme from from beginning to end, where’s your point of reference? It just gets mundane and just boring. If you have slow parts to counterbalance the fast (parts), you’re going to have more textured, nicer sounding musical parts that make for the album to sound heavy. It’s kind of like an equalibrium. We’ve just matured and moved on, basically, and that’s all we want to do musically. This is what we want to do. We’ve still got our roots on it; we’re not cynically manipulating what we’re doing just because we’re on a major label. But we do want to cross over to a larger audience, but as far as I’m concerned we still choose the same. This is our most aggressive, heaviest album at the end of the day. It’s our best album.
– Jeff Walker / Carcass interview, Live Wire magazine 1994

CARCASS released Heartwork on this day in 1993 through Earache. This was the first Carcass album to receive wider distribution due to Earache’s deal with Columbia at the time.