34 Years Ago: MISFITS live at Finder’s Lounge, Hallandale Beach FL (Evilive Tour)

Recorded live on this day in 1982 during the Evilive tour with the Necros (although they probably didn’t play on this night).

Glenn Danzig – vocals
Jerry Only – bass
Doyle – guitar
Robo – drums

We Are 138; 20 Eyes; I Turned Into A Martian; Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?; Astro Zombies; Attitude; All Hell Breaks Loose; London Dungeon; Last Caress; Bullet ; Nike A Go Go; Vampira; Demonomania; Skulls; Horror Business ; Devils Whorehouse; Hate Breeders; Devilock; Halloween ; Horror Hotel; Ghouls Night Out; Braineaters.