27 Years Ago: BOLT THROWER release Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness

Earlier in October we posted the live recording of “Realm of Chaos” a day after it was written! A year later, on this day in 1989, BOLT THROWER released Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness on Earache.

Well, Games Workshop actually approached us [before] we signed the contract with Vinyl Solution, our first record label…they said they’d be interested in having us on their sort of label, they didn’t actually have a label, but they wanted to make one to tie into their products, and they wanted to put out an animation sort of thing with us doing the soundtrack and all this sort of stuff. It was all like good ideas and everything. But the guy who wanted us to do all this was a fan of ours and he actually owned the company, but he sold it, and soon after we’d done the cover with Earache, because Earache came in and said ‘no, we wanna put you out,’ which we thought was better for the band as a whole, so we worked in joint collaboration with Games Workshop and Earache. And soon after that album was released, the managing director sold the company, he was the one who used to like us, he sold the company and then fuckin hell, we were dealing with accountants, not people. Then it was, ‘oh no, you can’t use this artwork, it’s gonna cost you this much,’ and all this bullshit. So we just thought well fuck it, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, seeya. We didn’t work with them ever again.
– Barry Thomson / Bolt Thrower interview, Chambers of Sorrow zine 1995