38 Years Ago: CRISIS record their John Peel Session (UK Punk77)

Well I must say that of all the contemporary varieties of rock music, it’s this basic and direct variety that I like the best myself.
– John Peel (about this session, 8 November 1978)

Most famously a pre-DEATH IN JUNE band, CRISIS recorded their one and only Peel session on this day in 1978. Other members included Tony Wakeford who later formed ABOVE THE RUINS and SOL INVICTUS.

BBC give the lineup as:

Phrazer (Lead Vocals)
Doug Pearce (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
Tony Wakeford (Bass, Vocals)
Lester Jones (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
The Cleaner (Drums)
Dexter (Backing Vocals)
Virg (Backing Vocals)

The BBC listings seem to have the recording date mixed up and are missing one song. Recorded 1 November, aired a week later on 8 November 1978.

Order as played on the show:

White Youth
UK 78
Brükwood Hospital