30 Years Ago: MEFISTO record their last demo The Puzzle

Cult Swedish thrash/death, MEFISTO recorded their last demo together in November 1986. They split soon after (see interview except below) but have recently reunited with the original lineup to record a new album, This Is the End of It All… the Beginning of Everything…

Musically, we drifted in different directions, which you might be able to hear on the two demos. Omar’s guitar solos started to take over, like seven-minute Malmsteen solos. He became very egoistic. Sure he was skilled, but Roberto and I wanted to play rawer and more straightforward, like on Megalomania. Roberto and Omar never really got along, which resulted in a tooth being kicked out during the demo recording.
– Sandro Cajander, Mefisto interview, Septic zine #5

I was into tape trading, and the singer who formed Opeth, David, gave me Mefisto’s The Puzzle demo. Up until then I was interested in death metal, but I wasn’t really blown away. Death metal like Hellhammer was just brutal and I liked the brutality but I was missing something. Mefisto had a guitar player who played classical guitar intros, and the solos were great, but it still had that brutality which I was looking for. I was just completely floored. For me The Puzzle is the Scandinavian death metal super classic.
– Mikael Åkerfeldt, Opeth interview, Swedish Death Metal