20 Years Ago: ASPHYX release Embrace the Death (the unreleased first album)

…it’s probably the most dark album we ever made. The ASPHYX fans were very happy to see “Embrace The Death” finally being released! It’s a piece of important history of ASPHYX.

Local label C.M.F.T. has come up before on these ‘histories’ with their most important (their best anyway) release – TIAMAT’s killer debut LP Sumerian Cry.

As you can read in that TIAMAT interview the label was already in trouble in June 1990 when they released Sumerian Cry.

Around this time/shortly after ASPHYX were in the studio recording Embrace the Death – the intended first album following successful 7″ Mutilating Process – when they learnt of the labels demise:

…we had contact with CMFT from the UK at that time and they were interested as well in releasing an ASPHYX album. First they wanted to release the “Crush The Cenotaph” demo on vinyl, so we sent him (Daryl Turner that is) the master tape, but nothing happened. He still has to return that tape… Motherfucker! Anyway, in the meantime we entered the studio to record “Embrace The Death”, thinking CMFT was going to release it. In those days, in the studio, we found out that CMFT was no longer! But we were in the middle of the “Embrace…” recordings, so we didn’t tell the studio owner of course. After the recordings, the raw sessions that is, ‘coz since CMFT ceased to exist we didn’t have the time to mix the damn’ thing, we asked the studio owner if he could tape the still unmixed album for us, so we could listen to it at home, so we knew then what things to change if we got back to mix it. He taped it for us, we went home as quickly as possible and we never went back to mix it properly. Also the Deathlike Silence label from Euronymous wanted to release an ASPHYX album, but we wanted to look further.
– Bob Bagchus / Asphyx interview, Voices from the Darkside

In the end they signed with Century Media (as did TIAMAT) and released their official debut album, The Rack, in April 1991.