Psicoterror returns! Peruvian Black Metal Zine All Issues 2002-2016

Too many years have passed since we’ve had copies of Psicoterror. Now, all available issues are back in stock! #7 from 2002 to #10 published earlier this year – returning after 9 nine years.

Psicoterror fanzine from Peru began in 1991 and early issues featured interviews with MAYHEM (1993), EMPEROR (1993), MORTIIS (1996), TREBLINKA (1991) and many others from South America and Europe.

Issues 7-10 include interviews with: Abyssic Hate, Destroyer 666, Funerary Call, Arghoslent, Axis of Advance, Belphegor, Goatpenis, Loits, Nunslaughter, Unholy Archangel, Bilskirnir, Denial of God, Denouncement Pyre, Der Sturmer, Necros Christos, Satanic Warmaster, Campo de Mayo, Diocletian, Macabre Omen, Naer Mataron, Prosanctus Inferi, Ulfhethnar, Varathron, Woods of Infinity…

Issue 10 (2016) – order here


Issue 9 (2007) – order here


Issue 8 (2005) – order here


Issue 7 (2002) – order here


Renzo has been adding reviews to his webpage, the printed zines focus more on articles and interviews.