22 Years Ago: BOLT THROWER release …for Victory (MTV feature during recording at Sawmills Studio)

Released on this day in 1994, BOLT THROWER’s fifth LP.

This MTV feature was filmed during recording at Sawmills Studio on the river Fowey in Cornwall. Most of the band are interviewed and it includes samples of several unfinished songs (only rhythm guitar and drums had been recorded).

This was a hard album for me. We didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse the songs, I remember it took me a week to record the drums. After the first day my legs were in agony, and I had to push through the pain barrier to get the tracks done. I was glad though that album’s production was amazing. I’d have to say it was the time for me where we stopped being a band, and became 5 people who played in a band together. I think we all loved playing in Bolt Thrower, but had different ideas of what we wanted to do. It was a hard time for us.
– Andy Whale / Bolt Thrower interview, Tough Riffs Magazine

The cover title was to suggest that these soldiers would give up all the rest of their dawns on earth for victory. So by leaving the title as “…For Victory” it was asking “what would you do for victory within your life ?”.