26 Years Ago: MAYHEM live in Leipzig (Photos and Audio)

We just started playing live after a break which lasted 4 years, and the reasons were lack of members and rehearsalplaces. And songs. Now we did a couple of gigs, it was cool except that all the equipment fucked up on the 1st one, and Hellhammer was drunk and ruined the gig on the 2nd one… From now on we must have total prohibition of any use of alcohol before a gig, and if some in the band drinks, I will refuse to play. Well, except for shit like that it was cool! We had a real brutal show on the 1st gig with pig heads on stakes, corpse paint in the faces and that Dead cut himself up and was bleeding on the audience. In the end everything was a big mess of blood and pig brains hehe
We are going to take the show even further later, with craniums, bones, stench of rotting meat and lots of nice stuff like that on stage. If everything goes great, we’ll tour Turkey and Greece this year. Then we’ve the LP coming, and next year a tour in USSR, which hopefully will give us those money necessary to play in South America and other places. The dream is (for me) to play in Albania, China, Mongolia, North Korea, Kampuchea and all those countries!! But the other guys don’t want to do this, they believe that we’ll never get out of those countries again…

– Euronymous / Mayhem interview, Holocaust #4 1990

The infamous concert performed on this day in 1990. Recorded at the Eiskeller club which is today known as Conne Island in the district of Connewitz, Leipzig, Germany.

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