31 Years Ago: WATCHTOWER release Energetic Disassembly debut

Austin’s WATCHTOWER released their debut album on the unknown Zombo Records (3500 copies) on this day in 1985.

It was really like a demo album. We accomplished. We did not loose. We lost lots of money but we didn’t loose, in one way, because we accomplished what we were looking to do which was to get our name out – get the style of music that we are out. You can’t describe our music. You just don’t know what to call it. I call it “Space Metal” sometimes. Its weird.

“Energetic Disassembly” is the government term for the detonation of a nuclear warhead. And you have to match a code. You have to match this certain code to set off a certain silo and a certain missile. And if you mess up that code, you’re going to set off the wrong missile and blow up somebody you didn’t want to blow up. Its a technical thing, ya know? A lot of kids don’t know the process, the things you have to do, and the things you have to know. There are people out there who are paid to sit in these silos in-case of attack or something. These people are paid to kill just like when you go in the army, you are paid to kill. But with this, its millions of people with one button. Its just talking about it, its not really about a war. Its like the process of what happens. A bomb goes off, your skeleton appears, then the land is waste. Its kind of like the process of what happens when you’re exposed.

– Jason McMaster / Watchtower interview, Metal Meltdown zine #1 1987