23 Years Ago: DISSECTION release their debut album The Somberlain on No Fashion Records

When we compose our music we unlock the gates to our perpetual uncontrolled feelings. It is not only music, but also emotions, aggression, hate despair, sorrow, evil….. Things that normal people would call extreme, but we find beautiful! If we affect other peoples emotions, then it’s great. We want especially depressed beings to listen to our music, and influence them to step over the border…. life/death….. Basically we’re glad as long as people enjoy what we do and find our music interesting.

DISSECTION’s debut LP, The Somberlain, released on this day in 1993 through Tomas Nyqvist’s No Fashion Records.

“Feathers Fell”, which is the last one on the album, was originally written with a poem to it. It symbolises the death of the very last goodness. It was recorded in it’s original version on the 2nd demo. Also it’s pretty obvious what the acoustic stuff at the end of “Heaven’s Damnation” symbolises…. The other two acoustic pieces doesn’t really symbolise anything directly, but I think they fit in well between the distortion pandemonium.

– Dissection interview, Slayer zine #10 1994