30 Years Ago: THE MENTORS release Up the Dose LP (it’s the only way I’ll get my lay)

Released this month in 1986 on Death Records (Metal Blade), Up the Dose was the MENTOR’s second LP.

New wave ties OUT – Black hoods IN

I am 28 right now, and my first concert wasn’t a RAMONES concert, so I don’t associate mindless noise with rock’n’roll. Those guys [SLAYER, METALLICA etc] do, and maybe that’s the wave of the future. I don’t care. I’ll just kick back with my ELVIS records – that’s Presley not Costello – and my STRIESAND records, and rake in all the dope and chicks I can while making the best music ever seen in rock, with a band for eternity – the MENTORS!

– Dr. Heathen Scum / Mentors interview, Metal Forces #20, 1986